Providing the most professional bathroom reglazing and regrouting services of any bathroom refinishing company in New York.

Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

A bathtub and tile refinishing will eliminate any chips and cracks in your bathtub and tile leaving it with the appearance of brand new. Bathtub and tile refinishing can be done for a fraction of what is would cost you to replace and install a new bathtub or ceramic tile throughout your shower or tub area. This is the perfect cost effective solution for repairing all damaged areas of your bathtub and bathroom tile.


Bathroom Regrouting

Replacing old and damaged shower or bath grout will enhance the look of your bathroom. Your regrouting project will look good as new and last for years to come. Choose your own color and style of grout to create whatever look you desire.


Refinishing and Reglazing

Bathroom refinishing and bathroom reglazing is an economical solution to revamp and revitalize the look of your bathroom. Your sink and bathtub will give the appearance of brand new with a refinishing or reglazing treatment solution. Replacing and installing new bathroom equipment is a costly and time consuming feat, but with refinishing and reglazing you’ll save up to 90% of the costs and have a brand new look in a fraction of the time.


The Process

Chips and cracks in your bathtub or sink can be repaired with the process of reglazing. All damaged areas are filled and smoothed down and blend in with the surrounding area. The process of reglazing can make your bathtub or sink look brand new.


Quick Transformations

Quick transformations are a great option to revitalize your bathroom fixtures in several hours. Bathroom fixtures that are worn, stained or simply hard to maintain can benefit from a quick transformation treatment. A smooth, glossy finish is applied to chipped or stained fixtures creating a guest-ready bathroom in less than one day.


Decorator Colors

Let our custom color matching and decorator color services assist you in finding a modern look to update the appearance of your bathroom, keeping it in good condition and maintaining the property value of your home. We are here to help you with all the ideas you may need.


Acid Wash Cleaning of Ceramic Floors

An acid wash cleaning will help strip away years of dirt from your older white ceramic tiles. The result of an acid wash cleaning will be beautiful white ceramic tile that appears to be brand new again.